**** UPDATE ****
This fretful Email was received from Vincent/mail.vite@gmail.com
in Sunday July-09-2006


i have see on your site:


if you don't erase rapidly this url with this stupid cc sold.

I will be very very malicious and you are likely to have troubles in the future for a long time !.

you declare the war with me.

It all began a eve when I was offered an Cactus Canyon from a guy in France at Eur 3750,00.
I assumed it was a NO problem, as there was some pics on his site and a few that caused a bit of comfusion, as it seemed to be pics of 2 diffrent machines ??

'click pic to supersize'

I asked all the normal questions that I normally ask when I'm about to buy a used pinball machine, If any thing is broken/missing, WPC board condition, if any playfield wear, ramp cracks, etc etc..... and got pretty fast anwser back from him 'No problem, it's the same machine ! :)' Hmmm OK and I continoued and anwsered him back 'OK thanks for clearing out, will look at the pics once more and let you know what I desite.' I was not 100% sure about the plf, so I asked again if any playfield wear and if any broken ramps (they are after all Very difficult to find) and got anwser this anwser back 'this is a new cactus pinball with a beautiful playfield. NO inserts problem !, I think that this playfield is beautiful compared to the other cactus which I could see, and for you information ramps are not broken, no big damage.' OK so I/we desited to buy it (was bought to a close freind of mine in the USA), and it arrived as planned (as I organized the shipping myself with DFDS). The game was unpacked and checked trough, here is a full status report on the CC from France about what was NOT told from the seller:

I hardly dont know where to begin, but gotta start somwhere so lets jump into the Bbox with the cirquit boards: The power board looks clean to me, no overheating at the GI sections. The CPU board has been manipulated with a remote battery and wires has been soldered direct onto the board on the back, works flawless and no strange errror messages, but NOT very nice work how it has been tightend.

Huu the AV board has an ugly hack (in my opinion), looks like somthing that would make every Osama suiside bommer smile, I asume its just to replace the 2x caps, working flawless (So does the DMD, no warm up needed) has only the 2 places where resoldering has been done.

Legs bolts were all in terrible condition, those I'll tossed, and I assume two or more of the leg plates is useless. Legs were in solid rusty cond.

The pl.f has in my opinion 3 serious issues (he did tell about the one at the KeepOUT sign) but didnt tell that is was a hole straight trough the pl.f + paint chip in the green area.

Both inlane plastics is broken/chipped, so is the mountain (Impossible to get part)
I have not seen other pl.f plastics that is broken, could be more when I begin to strip down the pl.f.

I have also seen that the J-shaped ramp is chipped and cracked + The skill ramp has a few tiny cracks at the top where it gets tightend with a bolt (Another 2 impossible to get parts :o ((.

The Apron had a fairly big scratch, looks like somebody has cut out leftovers from an decal:

The left site gun on the apron was once broken and reglued:
This is my status on the CC from France, I dont know what you have to say but I will say regarding all the issues on the game and from what he told about its condition I'm NOT AT ALL satisfied. I have requested to return the CC to you and get my money back, OR at least some kind a serious refund, and both has been denied from Vincent.

Name: STEVENS Vincent
Email: mail.vite@gmail.com

eBay ID: flipstory (Jan-01-07 Present).

Vincents pin hustler buddy is:

Name: FRUITIER Michael
Address: P3 Impasse Bellevue, 27690 LERY, FRANCE.
Email: michael.fruitier@free.fr


Here a few comments
from people that I have dealt with in the past:

I can see why you are angry at being sold a machine like that, especially when you were getting it for a friend in the USA.
You certainly 'named and shamed' those two guys in France!

Would love to kick his poor a** back to France for beeing souch DIShonest seller !!!

Hope to meet you in a dark rainy alley in downtown LA,
so you can meet my friends Smith & Wesson.

How can you give souch bad information and not have intress in solve the problem OR take back this terrible pinball ??? you suck.
Your name and ID is on my NOT to buy from list, Thanks for the info DOP.

Hé le DOP, juste a voulu vous a fait savoir que NON toutes les français sont comme ceci, Merci pour info.

and so the coments goes on and on and ..............................

Thanks for reading trough the whole site, and I hope this info have scared you enough NOT to buy any pinball machines from this terrrible seller.

If you CANT play nicely, DONT play at all…..

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